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Delivery of RSD mud cleaner

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RSD/CNQ100×10-Y Drilling fluids cleaners produced by RSD are ready to deliver to client’s working site after testing. This type mud cleaner is appropriate for any drilling fluids recycling system which has less than 260 m³/h capacity.

Mud cleaner is one important part of drilling solids control system, which is used to remove fine solids particle separated by shale shaker.It belongs to the third stage separation equipment in drilling fluids purification system, will effectively control the solid content in drilling fluid ,produce high-quality drilling fluid with reasonable particle size distribution and good rheological feature ,which meets the requirements of drilling technology.

This products has been upgraded by RSD engineers according to client’s requirement, its advantage is mainly featured in following aspects:

  • Good separation effect: the hydrocyclones of this mud cleaner has reasonable design,which greatly enhances the treatment effect and brings comfortable and convenient operation

  • Integrated design: hydrocyclones are set at both sides of feeding pipe, feeding& discharge pipe adopts clamp type connection ,these design can save equipment working space While ensuring the effect.

  • Longer service life of screen:  high strength of screen frame,;tension device adopts hard tensioning; rubber strip is installed under the screen to guarantee working life of screen

  • Beautiful appearance: unique design, compact structure and high strength, smooth interface and plane polishing.

RSD is a focus on mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management system product research and development, production ,sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises .The products are widely used in oil& gas drilling, coalbed methane drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing, pipe jacking, shield, pile driving ,tailings treatment, river dredging and other fields.Please contact us If you want to know more.

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