• Location-based services (LBS)

    The term ‘location-based services’ (LBS) covers a broad spectrum

    of applications which, depending on the whereabouts of the end

    user, can provide targeted information...

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  • Road transport

    Satellite navigation applications in transport cover

    far more fields that just navigation...

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  • Aviation

    The positive effects of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)

    are especially great in the aviation sector...

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  • Agriculture

    The use of EGNOS and GALILEO can help farmers

    to cultivate their fields more efficiently...

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  • Civil protection

    The use of satellite navigation offers unique possibilities

    for supporting operations by aid and rescue services in

    a wide range of emergency scenarios...

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Welcome to the Forum for Satellite Navigation

Finding the right way is the fundamental prerequisite of efficient and safe mobility. To ensure that satellite navigation can be relied on at all times, the European Union is developing Galileo – its own worldwide civil satellite navigation system. As a forerunner, and to supplement the American GPS, the ‘European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service’ (EGNOS) is already available today as an augmentation service.

As the technical possibilities become increasingly mature, positioning accuracy and navigation are gaining in importance in increasingly wide fields of application. The innovative capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, is producing new services and applications for everyday deployment in business activities and in people’s private lives.


The Forum for Satellite Navigation is a focal point for the innovative potential of German SMEs in all matters relating to satellite navigation. The Forum is a nationwide network under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and provides a platform for an exchange of experience, cooperation and the joint presentation of the regional satellite navigation initiatives, test environments and innovation clusters throughout Germany.

On the following pages you will find an overview of the multiplicity of possible applications for innovative navigation technology. We present the members of the Forum for Satellite Navigation and provide information on current projects.

SAT NAV Members

The Forum for Satellite Navigation is a focal point for the innovative potential of German SMEs in all matters relating to intelligent navigation.

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SAT NAV Applications

Already widespread throughout the world, navigation technology is becoming increasingly reliable and accurate and thus gaining in importance.

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Positioning and navigation have a cross-sectoral appeal – this is illustrated by the spectrum and large number of relevant events.                      

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